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  TaylorMade Unveils New Lineup of Rossa? Putters
  Posted By : TaylorMade (87.♡.223.130)     Posted : 22-06-2007 11:19 am     Hit : 2779     : 0    

New Models, All Featuring AGSI™+ Technology to Promote
Smoother Roll and Better Putting

CARLSBAD, Calif. (January 26, 2007) ?Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc. is unveiling three new categories of Rossa  putters, each of which incorporates an improved version of Rossa's famous Anti-skid Groove System Insert (AGSI), called AGSI+. What makes AGSI+ superior to the original is the addition of two grooves, which raises the total to 14 from 12 and which brings the grooves 22% closer together. That brings more grooves into contact with the ball more often, allowing AGSI+ to more efficiently negate backspin and promote forwardspin at impact, equaling smoother roll and helping the player make more putts. Additionally, the bright red AGSI+ insert is highlighted in gold, lending an elegant look.
The first category of putters is called Classic, and includes five well-known and tour-proven shapes. There's the popular Daytona 1, Siena 4, Modena 8 and Imola 8, all blades; and the Monte Carlo 7, a classic mallet. All are constructed of soft 304 stainless steel enveloped in an opulent Midnight Black finish. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for each Classic model is $229.00 NZ Dollars Availability at retail begins on April 20.
The second new category of Rossa putters is High MOI, and includes two new mallets ? Tourismo and Corzina. As the name of the category suggests, each is engineered to be extremely stable and to resist twisting on off-center hits, helping the player to get the ball to the hole more often. Combine that with AGSI+ and the result, in many cases, will be dramatically improved putting. The Tourismo features a wire-frame head in the shape of a reverse trapezoid. This breakthrough shape allows more weight to be distributed low and a full 37 millimeters from the putterface. That promotes a higher launch angle and negates backspin, promoting a smoother roll. Additionally, the reverse-trapezoid shape creates an extremely high MOI, making the Tourismo extraordinarily forgiving on mis-hits. As for Corzina, it's a smaller version of the popular Corza, and will appeal to players seeking high MOI in a more compact putterhead. 
High MOI with MWT
The third new category of Rossa putters is called High MOI with MWT™ (Movable Weight Technology™), and includes one mallet that combine Movable Weight Technology with AGSI+. The Inza, which is characterized by an extremely stable reverse-trapezoidal shape that's agreeably different, easy to aim, and which feels fantastic. Two MWT ports in the rear of the putterhead allow players to easily change the weight and feel to suit their preference or the speed of the greens. With two key technologies, the Inza carry an MSRP of $349.00 NZ Dollars Availability at retail begins on April 20.
How AGSI+ Works
Like all other Rossa face inserts, the AGSI is made of Titallium™, a seven-metal alloy that’s 65% lighter than steel, yet extremely durable. Rossa uses Titallium as an insert material because it allows Rossa engineers to save weight in the middle of the clubface and redistribute it to other areas of the clubhead, to improve the moment of inertia (MOI) for greater forgiveness on mis-hits and to move the center of gravity (CG) lower and deeper in the clubhead, to improve launch conditions to promote a better roll. In addition, Titallium delivers a pleasant soft-yet-crisp feel at impact that good players love. AGSI+ inserts are scored with 14 CNC-milled grooves. Compared to standard iron or wedge grooves, AGSI+ grooves are 22% closer together. Unlike standard grooves, which are typically empty, AGSI+ grooves are filled with a soft polymer which dampens unwanted vibration at impact, contributing to better feel.
The composition and construction of the AGSI+ insert together bring the grooves into direct and active contact with the ball during impact, even on short putts. First, Titallium is a low modulus alloy, meaning that it’s more flexible than steel. Second, the grooves in the face serve in part to strategically soften the insert’s structure. Together, these factors allow the insert to deform at impact, which puts the AGSI+ grooves into direct contact with the cover of the ball.
With more grooves positioned closer together, AGSI+ puts either six or seven grooves into contact with the ball on a typical 40-foot putt, depending on the type of ball, the putter's loft, and whether the ball's equator is in line with a groove or a landing space between the grooves. On a five-foot putt, two to three grooves come into contact with the ball. In either case, the behavior of the ball at, and right after, impact is affected more by AGSI+ grooves than by other types of putterface inserts either hard or soft. AGSI+ grooves, because of their unique shape, “hold” the ball at impact, reducing backspin and promoting forwardspin. The result is less skid and bounce, equaling better distance control and better directional accuracy.

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