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  TaylorMade Introduces r7 Draw Fairway Woods, r7 Draw Hybrids and r7 Draw Irons
  Posted By : TaylorMade (87.♡.223.130)     Posted : 22-06-2007 11:51 am     Hit : 2250     : 0    

For Players Who Want to Hit it Longer by Hitting a Draw

r7? r7 Draw Fairway Wood
CARLSBAD, Calif. (November 1, 2006) TaylorMade Golf has introduced the r7? Draw fairway woods and r7? Draw hybrids and r7? Draw Irons, all of which are engineered to make it easy for golfers to hit a draw, thanks to TaylorMade's Draw-Weighted Technology which makes it easier to rotate the clubface back to square at impact.
r7 Draw Fairway Woods
The r7? Draw fairway woods feature steel clubheads that incorporate Draw-Weighted Technology, wherein a channel in the sole, near the toe, pushes weight toward the heel in order to pull the CG back and closer to the shaft. Moving the CG closer to the shaft makes it easier to rotate the face properly during the forwardswing, helping the player to square the clubface at impact to either hit a draw or straighten a slice. r7 Draw fairway woods are also engineered with a shallow clubface, which allows for an exceptionally low CG that promotes a higher launch-angle and spin-rate for high-flying shots that stay in the air for a long time, equaling long distance and soft landings. This high, long flight is further fueled by the 55-gram RE*AX™ 55 graphite shaft, which is light weight to encourage faster swing speed and soft-tipped to encourage a high draw. 
r7? r7 Rescue Hybrid

r7 Draw Rescue Hybrids
The first thing you notice about the r7? Draw Rescue? hybrid is that the clubhead is bigger than most hybrids. Twelve percent larger than the TaylorMade Rescue dual or Rescue Mid hybrids, the r7 Draw Rescue hybrids’ larger size contributes to a higher MOI, while their exceedingly low and far-back CG makes them exceptionally easy to launch on a high, long flight. Like the r7 Draw driver and r7 Draw fairway woods, the r7 Draw Rescue hybrids also feature Draw-Weighted Technology, in which discretionary weight is positioned in the heel. That moves the CG farther back and closer to the shaft, making it easier to square the clubface at impact. That promotes both a higher flight and a right-to-left shot shape (for right-handed golfers). Likewise, both tip-soft shaft offerings, either the lightweight 55-gram RE*AX? 55 graphite or the 90-gram T Step 90 steel, promote increased clubhead speed and a high draw. Finally, the advanced T-shaped sole design reduces sole-to-turf friction at impact, more efficient energy transfer at impact, as well as enhancing playability from all types of lies.

r7 Draw iron
The r7? Draw iron incorporates two key draw-enhancing features. First of those is a maximum degree of offset, which positions the leading edge of the clubface behind the front of the hosel, providing an extra fraction of a second to square the clubface. Second is TaylorMade's Draw-Weighted Technology. To apply it to an iron, TaylorMade engineers removed significant weight from the toe and repositioned it in the heel, which moved the CG closer to the shaft. This was made possible by the ultra-deep, toe-biased cavity design. The dynamics of this CG relocation makes it easier to rotate the clubface back to square during the forwardswing.
r7? r7 Iron
The r7? Draw iron is engineered not only to promote a draw, but also to increase the player’s average ball speed for greater distance. The large clubhead makes possible a thin clubface with a substantial unsupported area in the center. The fact that it’s unsupported makes that part of the clubface more flexible, making it faster. Additionally, the next generation of TaylorMade’s renowned Inverted Cone Technology is engineered into the back of the clubface. In this application the cone is oval-shaped. As with TaylorMade’s drivers, Inverted Cone Technology changes the way the clubface behaves and increases the size of the COR zone, promoting consistent increased ball speed and distance on mis-hits.
An additional benefit to the r7 Draw iron's thinner clubface and deep cavity is that it allows TaylorMade engineers to move extra weight into the large sole, which pulls the CG farther back. This far-back CG makes the r7 Draw iron super-easy to launch high and long. Not only large, the sole is also wide and cambered, which prevents digging and instead glides smoothly through the turf, making this iron exceptionally easy to launch from all types of lies.
The r7 Draw iron features TaylorMade’s distinctive shock absorption web in the cavity, a thin layer of soft aluminum that reaches out to each corner of the clubhead. The web is bonded to the cavity with 3M? VHB™ Tape, a double-sided, closed cell acrylic foam tape with viscoelastic properties that absorb shock and soften sound. The combination of those two elements, plus the precise manner in which the web is shaped and positioned, delivers an incredibly soft and satisfying sound and feel at impact.
The r7 Draw wedges, including pitching wedge, attack wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge, are designed decidedly differently from the rest of the r7 Draw irons. Each features an extremely wide and deep sole, low degree of bounce and a radiused, "tucked under" leading edge. These elements make the r7 Draw wedges extremely easy to get up in the air with a high degree of spin; easy to hit out of the rough, easy to hit from tight lies, and easy to explode with from sand.
The r7 Draw irons are equipped with lightweight shafts (T Step 90-gram steel or RE*AX™ 55 55-gram graphite shafts) to promote higher clubhead speed and a strong release for more distance. The grip features a multitude of short slots, positioned parallel to the line of the shaft, that form “cells.” These cells help the grip conform to the shape of your hands as they hold the club. That equals increased feel, comfort and traction.
TaylorMade Swing Study Indicates 50% of Players Need Help Hitting a Draw
"There’s a huge segment of players who desperately want the distance-enhancing benefits of a draw, but who can’t turn the ball over no matter how hard they try," said Sean Toulon, TaylorMade Executive Vice President, Product and Brand Creation. "We've analyzed the swings of thousands of players and found that 50% of golfers need help hitting a draw. That's why we're confident that the r7 Draw fairway woods, r7 Draw Rescue hybrids and r7 Draw irons are going to make the game a lot more fun for a lot of players. The Draw-Weighted Technology engineered into these clubs will make it possible for many golfers to hit a distance-enhancing draw for the first time ever. Not only that, these clubs will also help straighten a distance-stealing slice. You don't have to change your swing, just let Draw-Weighted Technology do what it was developed to do and watch your shots do their thing. As we like to say ? 'Hit a draw, hit it longer.'"
The r7 Draw fairway woods are available in 3, 5, and 7 at a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $279.00 NZ Dollars with a graphite shaft. Right-handed, left-handed and ladies' versions are all available. 
The r7 Draw Rescue hybrids are available in 3, 4, 5, and 6 at an MSRP of $249.00 NZ Dollars with graphite shaft and $199.00 NZ Dollars with steel. Right-handed, left-handed and ladies' versions are all available.  
The r7 Draw irons are available in sets of 3-iron thru SW at an MSRP of $1574.00 NZ Dollars with graphite shafts and $1288.00 NZ Dollars with steel. Available wedges include the PW, AW, SW and LW. r7 Draw irons are sold separately at an MSRP of $175/$139 NZ Dollars. Right-handed, left-handed and ladies' versions are all available. 

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